Designed to help take your business to the next level and improve underperforming and failing restaurant locations

Southern Horizons Services works with all types of hospitality operations from new startups to single-unit, restaurant groups, pubs and bars, hotels and resorts.  If your location serves food and beverage, we can help you run a better, more profitable operation. 


How we charge varies from project to project, depending on various factors including your location, the amount and type of work to be done and the length of time necessary to complete the work. We can quote on a complete project, daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the amount of work to be done.

How do we work – it’s very simple. After our discussion with you, we’ll create a proposal / contract with the scope of work to be done and the fees. After  you review and return the agreement, we will  get the work started / scheduled at your convenience.  Once the contract is done, you will be scheduled for a 90, 120 and 365 check back. Just like servers check back on the guest, we want to check back on our clients. This is all included when you do business with Southern Horizons Services.  

Menu of Services

Recruitment and Human Resources - Let’s face it, the last thing you have time to do is waste time trying to hire managers and staff. We have the background and the resources to provide you with qualified candidates for your staffing needs. We also have the contacts to help you with your human resource questions along the way.

Operations Check Up - This is a solutions based program for owners who are looking for help improving operations at their locations. Poor sales, food or liquor costs on the high side, no or low profit, struggling operations, management or staff issues?  We can help!  We understand what it takes to run a restaurant including long hours, staffing issues, high costs and more. We have dealt with all of these issues and can get you and your team on the right track. Operations Check Up is designed to spend time in the locations while you are there and when you are not. We will find out what is really happening and develop solutions for you to implement. We will work with you and your team to address the issues, work through solutions, and help get you the tools you need to get your business on track. You will get honest feedback on systems, procedures, and how to get the job done. The Operations Check Up is designed to get your business running smoothly.

Restaurant Start Ups - Sure, everyone thinks opening a restaurant is going to be fun. For almost every restaurant there are over 300 tasks that need to be completed before unlocking the door for the first time to the public. We have opened our share of restaurants, and over the years we have learned what works and doesn't work when opening a location. We can help you to navigate this course to make sure you are staying on track in every area including administrative, culinary, hiring, bar, human resources and more. In our years of operations, we have opened several corporate and independent locations across the county. We can help you have a more enjoyable opening for yourself, your team and most importantly your guest.

Profit and Loss Review - It goes both ways, we can help drive more profit to your bottom line with a review of your numbers. It’s important to dive into the P&L with you and identify opportunities that may have been overlooked. We are confident we can help you drive your profits with this review.

Culinary cost controls, inventory management, order guides and vendor relations - Let us show you how to keep all your BOH operations in line. With so much money spent in the kitchen, you need to run it tight!  Let us help you put the systems in place to make sure you are able to remain profitable in the BOH. 

Employee manuals, policy and job descriptions - One of the most important things that gets overlooked. If you don’t have an employee manual, job descriptions and policies, you are only asking for issues down the road. Let us help you to get ahead of these issues before it happens to you. Our team can make sure your staff has a clear expectation of what is expected of them.

Restaurant Operation Systems - Are you a restaurant owner stuck working a position? Don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get other things done? Are you working 80 hours a week? Chance are you are missing operating systems. Let’s discuss how to move things around, put systems in place and free you up to run the business and not be stuck in an hourly position. If you don’t know how to do it, we can work with you to get this done.

Training and Development – If you are opening a new location or have a restaurant already open, you need to train your employees to focus on the tasks at hand and keep them goal oriented. We can work with you to roll out a training program for both your front of house and back of house employees along with a management program. One of the biggest costs you will face is turnover and training and development is a big part of combating turnover. Beyond putting your training program together, we can facilitate this training for you.

Personal coaching services – Everyone can use some feedback and needs someone to talk through opportunities. Let us help you with leadership, making decisions, and share some tricks and tips that we have used in our experiences.

Contact us today to set up a FREE consultation to discuss how we can help you.  We will be happy to tailor a program just right for you and your needs.